Martial Monks of Shaolin Temple

Martial Monks of Shaolin Temple 001

After the head of the Shaolin temple is killed by Kurt Wong (Hwang Jang Lee), a multitude of people set off to find the killer and bring him to justice. Dragon Lang (Dragon Lee) is a member of the temple and is bent on revenge too,
packing his belongings and looking for Wong as well. He meets a monk (Martin Chui) who claims to be searching for the killer too, and they are joined by a beggar girl (Seo Jeong-Ah) on their journey.
Together the trio head for the estate of Kurt Wong who has added to his martial arts arsenal Korean black magic.

Cast: Hwang Jang Lee, Dragon Lee, Marty Chiu, Seo Jeong-Ah
Producer: Tomas Tang
Director: Kim Si-hyun

Format: Color, 35mm
Languages: English
Feature Length: 90 minutes