Fist of Dragon


May one just man become an army

Chia Lin (Judy Lee) portarys a tough kung fu kicking Hong Kong cop who comes up one of the toughest criminal syndicates in Asia,
with her tough skills and quick mind she manages to bring the gang to justice.

Cast: Lo Lieh, Tien Yeh, Chia Ling, Chang In Shik, Melvin Chang Yun-Wen, Nancy Lau Nam-Kai.
Producer: Choe Chun-Ji
Action Directors: Samo Hung, Philip Ko,
Yu Tien Lung
Director: Lo Lieh

Format: Color, 35mm 2.39:1
Languages: Mandarin, English
Feature Length: 85 minutes



Copyright © 1977 by IFD FILM ARTS AND SERVICES LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.