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coname_ee.gif (1908 個位元組) is a motion picture, television series and animation feature financier, producer, co-producer and distributor, specialized in the worldwide distribution of action films & children animation.

ifd01.gif (11097 bytes) , established in 1973, is currently holding a lineup of more than 2,000 titles with an extensive range of genres, from action-adventure, thriller-action, suspense-action, war-action, to full-length animation.

Our motion pictures, television series and animation features available for the worldwide distribution are all in English version, either filmed in original sound or dubbed after.   We are a member of Movie Producers & Distributors Association of Hong Kong (MPDA) of Hong Kong.

Our motion pictures have won high renown and merits among the international and professional  distributors as "Visually Outstanding and Emotionally Entertaining."

This Website is being built for our:

  • honorable visitors who may have access to our production and distribution information of  their own accord and interest;
  • professional distributors who may have access to our productions so to establish mutual business relationship.

Welcome your visit!  Make yourself at home when touring around.   We  treasure your comments.

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coname_ee.gif (1908 個位元組)
Office Address
Flat 4, 3rd Floor, Block B, Vigor Industrial Building, 14-20 Cheung Tat Road, Tsing Yi, New Territories, HONG KONG.
(852) 2730 0048
(852) 2730 8756

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